Trusted Online Sportsbook Payouts

Payouts are arguably the most important aspect of a trusted online sportsbook. Since it is so hard to find a land-based sportsbook in the US, sports fans want to be sure that the site they are using will send them their winnings safe and fast. A trusted online sportsbook earns that title by having a stellar reputation, a wide variety of sports with lightning fast odds, and secure funding methods. Some people, like us, put that last point first. We look at payout options before even looking at the sportsbook when checking out a new site. This is because, if the site can’t assure payouts in a timely manner, it doesn’t matter what sports they offer, we will simply take our business elsewhere.

Are Online Sportsbook Payouts Legal?

The trusted online sportsbooks that we review are all legal establishments that operate in countries that allow sports betting sites to function. The US has certain federal laws that disallow sportsbooks in most states, which is why all the sites that you will use are overseas. These sites are able to send and receive money in accordance with the US and international laws. There is one federal law, the UIGEA, that does restrict overseas gaming sites frim sending funds directly to a credit/debit card. This is only a minor hindrance, as these trusted online sportsbooks use a variety of alternative methods that are very efficient.

Are Online Sportsbook Payouts Safe?

The trusted online sportsbooks that we review serve millions return customers every day. If they allowed security breaches or were less-than 100% with their payouts, they would quickly lose clientele. The internet is a breeding ground for gossip, and there are hundreds of sports betting forums out there where players review and analyze online sportsbooks. This kind of interconnectivity means that a sportsbook that offers less than safe payouts will quickly be called out and members will cancel their accounts in droves.

All of this comes down to the fact we pick only the most trusted online sportsbooks in the world. These sites have been functioning for decades, and have more members now than ever. The main reason they keep flourishing is that their members feel safe using them. They can afford to use the best safety software on the market, and they utilize impenetrable encryption techniques to keep your funds and your identity completely safe.

Bovada - Fast Payouts Through Trusted Processors

If you are searching for a top of the line online sportsbook, look no further than Bovada. They are the leading name in sports betting, and have held that title for over two decades. You will be joining a large community of sports fans betting in the safest online environment ever created for a wagering site. Bovada’s reputation spreads worldwide, with giant sports media outlets giving praise from all corners of the globe. Bovada accepts anyone US resident that is over 18 except for residents of New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Maryland. If you reside in any of these states do not fear, check out our other sportsbook reviews.

New members at Bovada will be welcomed with a bonus that can add up to $250 to that first deposit. This excellent incentive will gradually add funds to your account as you play, giving you quite a leg up as you explore the sportsbook for the first time. The time to join Bovada is now, as they are offering bonuses like this plus many other special features for new and old players. Check out our favorite trusted online sportsbook now and you will never miss a game again.

Bonus : 50% To $250 Match
Link : Visit Bovada

Most Trusted Sites
Accepts USA?
Sportsbook Bonuses
Bovada Sportsbook Yes (No WA. or MD.) 50% to $250 Match VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook Yes, All USA Accepted 25% to $900 On Every Deposit Ever Made VISIT Yes, All USA Accepted All Deposits Get $900 Freeplay / 25% Match VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook Yes, All USA Accepted 50% to $200 Then 20% to $500 After VISIT
Bet365 Sportsbook NO USA ACCEPTED AT ALL 100% to 200 Of Your Country's Currency VISIT

How Do Online Sportsbook Payouts Work?

Payout methods vary by site. The two most popular and prolific options you will find are rapid transfer (MoneyGram, Western Union) and checks. That’s right; millions of users routinely collect a good old fashion check in the mail. People like these because they don’t go directly through a bank. Most sites will send you your check in under a week, and then you can cash it at your local bank for cash on the spot. The rapid transfers are faster than checks, and most sites let you complete the entire transaction online. You can either receive your funds through an online Western Union or MoneyGram account, or you can pick up your transfer at a retail outlet that uses cash wires. These are not the only methods that are offered, but they are the most popular.

Other Trusted Sportsbook Payout Methods

Some sites only offer checks and rapid transfers, but many trusted online sportsbooks that we use have many options. For instance, you might be able to choose from a bank wire transfer, gift cards, bitcoin, or book-to-book transfers. Each method will come with varying fees, speeds, and limits. All of the trusted online sportsbooks will have a cashier section with a list of funding methods, and all of this information will be included. Some methods, such as bank wires, are better for very large deposits because they have high minimums and/or substantial fees. Always check the relevant information associated with the payout method before deciding upon one.

How Long Will It Take And How Much Will It Cost?

Because of the cost of sending funds overseas, the trusted online sportsbooks that you will use sometimes require small fees, and institute minimums and maximums on most withdrawal methods. For instance, the minimum withdrawal at most sites will be between $25 and $50. Any less and the site would most like be losing money. There are also fees that come with most payout methods, and they usually vary by the amount you withdraw. However, we make sure that our trusted online sportsbooks offer the lowest fees, and the fastest methods out there. Most of these sites offer one free payout per month when using a check or a rapid transfer. In addition, many methods like bitcoin and gift cards rarely come with any fees. Generally you will only encounter substantial fees for methods that have very high minimums, such as bank wire transfers.

Summary Of Trusted Online Sportsbook Payouts

As you can see, there are many safe and legal withdrawal options out there. The trusted online sportsbooks that you will use all offer the best funding methods in the business, and we use all of these sites every day. We routinely collect payouts about once a month, and have never experienced a hiccup in service. Our money always arrives in a timely manner, and with the one free payout per month that most sites offer, we rarely encounter fees. We know that you will never need another sportsbook after playing at any of these trusted sports betting sites.

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$250 Bonus - 50% Match